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The mission of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, is to conduct high-quality research and provide research-based undergraduate and postgraduate education in medicine and dentistry. The Faculty educates health care specialists, including physicians, dentists, psychologists and speech therapists as well as Master’s degree holders in translational medicine.


HiLIFE – Helsinki Institute of Life Science supports high quality life science research across the University campuses and faculties. HiLIFE builds on existing strengths and new recruits and partnerships to create an attractive international environment for researchers to solve grand challenges in health, food, and environment.


HUS – Helsinki University Hospital offers specialized medical care based on high-level clinical medical research. It is a Joint Authority formed by 24 municipalities aiming to offer patients timely and equal access to specialized medical care. HUS Testbed offers an authentic hospital testing environment for health technology companies.

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Helsinki Think Company brings academics to action. We combine academic know-how and entrepreneurial action with an open multidisciplinary community. Check our free coworking and event spaces, idea accelerators and bombastic events!


Health Capital Helsinki (HCH) is an alliance formed by The City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Helsinki University Hospital. HCH accelerates the commercialization of scientific research, increases the number of business ideas and startup companies.


Meilahti Campus Library operating on the second floor of Terkko Health Hub, offers information in health and medical sciences and flexible working space for students, researchers, doctors and healthcare workers. The library provides information services and functions as the WHO Documentation Centre in Finland.


HUS Virtual Reality Laboratory located on the first floor of Terkko Health Hub, is a space in which virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications for the health care sector are displayed. The goal is to promote collaboration between health care professionals and companies, provide piloting opportunities, and share information between a variety of networks. In the future, HUS Virtual Reality Lab is aims to introduce innovative products, technologies and processes for specialized medical care and improve patient safety and quality.



Disior creates software for diagnostics and treatment optimization. Based on our innovative, proprietary algorithms and fully automated mathematical modelling, the software is designed for doctors’ everyday clinical use.


Sygeny is a global digital health analytics and solutions company based out of Finland. Sygeny specializes in digital health product development, health analytics, and outcomes (health & economic) based evaluations and commercialization of health solutions.


Osgenic is creating virtual reality based solutions to improve patient safety.


Cryon was founded in 2015 in order to commercialize the CryoFog (TM) innovation. Cryon provides a range of cryofacilities and cryotreatment protocols, based on the patented CryoFog technology. Currently, Cryon operates the cryofacility in Congress Wellness hotel Långvik in Kirkkonummi, Finland.


Physilect disrupts the way physiotherapy is provided. The professional level rehabilitation can be now offered at patient’s home with no need for a physiotherapist to be present.


Kromnigon offers novel multi-staining tools, which are applicable for microscopy analysis of solid tissues (histology) and other florescence antibody-based methods.


Kandikustannus – is the oldest book publishing company specializing in medical literature in Finland. Our training courses in medical fields are among the best in the market, and we also provide medical and dental students and professionals with jobs through


MVision AI is a mission-oriented startup helping clinicians to save lives. MVision AI specializes in the field of medical imaging and artificial intelligence.


Metabolomics for animals. Petbiomics is launching an accurate metabolic analysis with up to 80 direct measures from a single blood sample at a very affordable price.


Premium service provider of tours, travel and event management with special focus on alternative tourism (ex. Wellness tours, medical tourism, yoga retreats, trekking, leisure group tours, adventure and sports.


Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is a unique type of radiation therapy that enables targeting of cancer at cellular level. The sparing of healthy tissue could eliminate the need for fractioning, allowing treatment protocols to be carried out in as little as a single session.


Novasano delivers a suite of information products and services that optimize the cyber performance of medical devices and associate systems. The Novasano Suite is designed to improve healthcare and business impact of medical devices.


Solutions for research, evaluation, screening and testing for biomaterials, medical devices and hybrid products.



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