Haartmaninkatu 4


19 Oct 2018

Robot Urpising

The era of humans is at an end. The future belongs to robots.

It’s the year 2042. The dusty skyline of Helsinki is covered with vertical buildings reaching for the clouds. Autonomous drones deliver messages and items from layer to layer while robots maintain the aerial pathways across buildings. Somewhere beneath the surface, Dvergar’s autonomous robot factories toil day after day, creating new and improved bots for every conceivable job. A sense of tension hangs in the air. One of these factories will soon be attacked. Life in Helsinki is about to change.

This fall, 150 hackers, cyborgs and mad scientists will infiltrate a hidden robotics facility to battle for control over Dvergar’s Quantum Computer! Robot Uprising is a real-world, hands-on engineering and design challenge, a 48 hour story-driven robot hackathon held October 19th to 21th at Terkko Health Hub, Helsinki, Finland.