Haartmaninkatu 4


12 Oct 2018

Utrecht Health Hub visits Terkko Health Hub


PART 1 14.00 – 14.30

Terkko Health Hub presentation – Kiira Grönroos

Health Capital Helsinki presentation – Kaisa Oksanen

PART 2: 14.30–15.45

Prevention and Social care – how do we keep citizens healthy & happy and away of care

Speaker: Sanna Hartman, City of Helsinki – 15–20 min
Insights from the Smart Kalasatama district co-created in collaboration with residents, companies, city officials, and researchers

Digital transformation – personal health records & implementation of ehealth
Mikko Rotonen, ICT Development Director at HUS – 15–20 min

CleverHealth network – an ecosystem for developing digital healthcare innovations

Labourmarket – what is the future for labourmarket in healthcare and how do we employ the right people

Timo Sinervo from THL – The National Institute of Health and Welfare – 15-20 min
Sinervo will give insight in the findings of the Finnish Competent workforce for the future (COPE) research project.

Mervi Flinkman from Tehy -The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland – 15 min
How do you (in Finland) tackle shortage in health care professionals and how do you promote lifelong learning?

PART 3: Workshop/ co-creation with Utrecht representatives 15.45 – 16.30

How do we give all children a healthy start?
Can we support elderly in continue moving and prevent fall incidents?
How do we support an healthy environment in a more crowdy city?

What are the experiences with personal health record, lessons learned? Role of GP in this?
How do we scale the use of ehealth amongst citizens and professionals?

1. How do you tackle shortages in healthcare professionals?
2. What are your strategies for lifelong learning?
3. How to stimulate the mindset on prevention instead of care amongst professionals?