Haartmaninkatu 4


20 Mar 2020

CANCELLED: Brain Health Event: Storytelling and Well-being

Organizer: PhD Association University of Helsinki

Participants: 40-60

Space: Event Square


Our brains are wired to create and tell stories both in work and personal contexts. In this event, you’ll hear why our brains love the process–not the product–of storytelling and how storytelling can help to enhance collaboration, empathy, and creative problem solving. You’ll also hear how storytelling can lead to sustainable well-being and personal development.

Speakers for this event are Oana Velcu-Laitinen, brain-based coach and Andrei Rodionov, a neuroscientist.

By joining the event, you’ll be more than a listener to popular talks on theoretical findings about the brain mechanisms of storytelling. Moreover, you’ll be part of interactive and creative exercises aimed at temporarily boosting your well-being.

The event is free of charge and open for everyone. However, we do have a limitation of 50 participants. Therefore, the sooner you register for the event, the better.

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