Haartmaninkatu 4


15 Jan 2020

Funding Sources organised together with Health Incubator Helsinki and Business Tampere

Organizer: ProHealth Accelerator

Number of participants: 15-20

Venue: Think Company Cube

Description: Obtaining funding is a huge challenge for life science startups. The Funding Sources workshop deals with alternative funding options for your startup, how to apply for funding and how to convince the other party of your business idea. The experts are Mikko Leino/M&M Growth Partners, Eeva Salminen/Business Finland and a couple of business examples.  

ProHealth Accelerator, in cooperation with Health Incubator Helsinki, is organising thematic commercialisation specific workshops on a 12 months basis for the ProHealth, HIH and other co-operator’s teams.The workshops are organised by invitation. For more information on the programme and the workshops, sign up at: