All events held at Terkko Health Hub are open and free of charge, welcome! Some events may require pre-registration, so please make sure to check the event info.

Terkko Health Hub members at CEO Meetup Terkko Event

CxO Meetup

CxO Meetup is our own C-level peer-learning event series. In each event, we have a specific theme and selected speakers from our community companies discuss the given theme. Our members are encouraged to share their experiences, tips, hurdles they have encountered, and networks with one another. Such peer support is essential in business development since a founder’s journey is a particularly difficult and lonely one. To support this, the event is arranged under Chatham House Rule.

Your organisation needs to be our official member to join.

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Terkko members at Terkko Health Hub's community get-together Terkko Event

Community Get-Together

Community Get-Togethers are our regular events that we arrange to kick off and close spring and fall seasons together with our community members. The goal is to bring our members together and to give them an opportunity to get to know one another and broaden their networks. Our new members have an opportunity to introduce themselves, while the leaving members can bid farewell. If there’s a good opportunity, we might arrange some additional Community Get-Togethers in between.

In general, your organisation needs to be our official member or partner to join. Sometimes we might invite our other friends, such as alumni members to these gatherings to widen our community’s networks.

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Terkko Workshops

Terkko Workshops is our newest event series where we invite experts to hold a training, seminar or a workshop with our community. Our members have an opportunity to hear relevant information and learn about different topics while widening their network. The themes of the workshops cover many topics and vary depending on the expertise of each expert.

Your organization needs to be our official member to attend. If you’re interested in participating as an expert, feel free to contact our team at, and tell us what you have in mind. 

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Delegation Visits

At Terkko Health Hub, we host and co-host many delegation visits focussing on providing various growth opportunities for our startups. By participating in such delegation visits, our startups have the opportunity to learn about potential collaborations with tech professionals, investors, trade officials, potential customers, etc from other countries. Such visits are also a great occasion for the delegation to get to know our health and life science startup members and their innovations. 

Your organisation needs to be our official member or partner to participate in these events.

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Health Talks

Health Talks is an events series focusing on health, life sciences, and entrepreneurship. It is co-organized by Aalto University, Health Design, Health Hub Tampere, HiLIFE, Kuopio Health, OuluHealth, Terkko Health Hub, Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland, Laurea Entrepreneurship Society, Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society, and Xes Helsinki.

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A young man speaking in front of an audience at Medent Uratreffit event Terkko Event

Student Events

Terkko Health Hub organizes two recruitment events a year with the students studying in the Meilahti campus.  The first one was organized with and for logopedia and psychology students, and the second for medicine and dentistry students.

The events offer students a chance to get acquainted with future potential employers, companies, and actors in their fields, and to discuss internship, thesis, or employment opportunities.

Past events can be found here and here.

Terkko Event

Corporate Events

Terkko Health Hub also organises events in collaboration with corporates. Among the examples are IBM popup, Roche’s “Transforming healthcare together for patients”, BCG Case Workshop focused on solving case examples in the health care sector, etc.

You can check our past corporate events on Terkko Health Hub’s Facebook page and contact us through if you’re interested in organising one.

People at Terkko Conference Terkko Event

Other Events

Our friends at Helsinki Think Company frequently organise events revolving around entrepreneurship in Terkko. We also welcome events organised by third parties to our premises. You can find our event calendar here.