Batch 2019

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About Terkko Health X

Terkko Health X is an early-stage accelerator program for ambitious health and life science teams with the potential to reshape the industry. You’ve got an idea – Terkko Health X provides you with the right skills and services to take that concept into the market.







Top Teams of the 2019 Batch

Batch 2019 was full of intense top-notch teams. Below are listed the top teams of the batch and their prizes.

1st place: Uute Scientific

4 Slush startup tickets, tickets to *ship startup festival and a grant of 2500€ from Helsinki Think Company Fund and hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

2nd place: Sciar

2 Slush startup tickets, tickets to *ship startup festival, and hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

3rd place: Capsamedix

Hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

Additionally, all teams of Terkko Health X batch 2019 received 10K free Amazon Web Service cloud credits thanks to our partner AWS.

Made in Collaboration

Terkko Health X is organized in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company, the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. The accomplished accelerator program organizer aims to tackle big, real life challenges by building a vibrant community of changemakers from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

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Terkko Health X 2019 Alumni

Get to know the startups from batch 2019. 

  • Aatos Health

    Evidence-based mental resilience coaching programs

  • Capsamedix

    Developing devices for long-term oral drug delivery

  • Korpi Solutions

    The 2nd best solution for resting your mind

  • Lakily

    Healthcare documentation made easy and stress-free

  • Naturested

    Improved human wellness through forest bathing

  • Sciar

    Applying AR and AI to eliminate human errors from laboratories

  • Uute Scientific

    Creating a solution for life without immune mediated diseases


Christian Lardot

Incubator Lead at Health Incubator Helsinki

Anna Ehrnrooth

Partner at Kaava

Tariq Hussain-Häkkinen

Partner at Kaava

Anna-Maria Henell

CEO and Co-founder of Disior

Virpi Muhonen

CEO and Co-founder of Askel Healthcare

Henri Virta

CFO at Megical

Ali Omar

MD, Angel Investor

Ekaterina Gianelli

Partner at Inventure

Arne Schlenzka

CEO and Co-founder of Osgenic

Riku Seppälä

Partner at Icebreaker

Tobias Dahlberg

CEO, Wonder Inc.

Lauri Sippola

CEO & Founder, Kaiku Health

Joonas Pöllä

CFO at Peili Vision

Peter Hänninen

General Counsel at Nanoform

Petri Parvinen

Professor at the University of Helsinki

Paolo Borella

Co-founder at Vertical

Marcello van Rossum

Senior Business Advisor at Helsinki Business Hub

Mika Teikari

Managing Director at Success Clinic

Jarkko Nissinen

Head of Startups at Startuplifers

Antton Ikola

Growth Consultant at Columbia Road

Krista Palmu

Digital Marketing Consultant at Columbia Road

Tuomas Harju

Senior Startup Advisor at Business Finland


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