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About Terkko Health X

Terkko Health X is an early-stage accelerator program for ambitious health and life science teams with the potential to reshape the industry. You’ve got an idea – Terkko Health X provides you with the right skills and services to take that concept into the market.







Top three teams

Batch 2021 consisted of eight intense top-notch teams. Below are listed the top teams of the batch and their prizes.

1st place: Biomedical Spectroscopy Lab / UEF

2 Slush startup tickets, a grant of 2500€ from Helsinki Think Company Fund and hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

2nd place: Immunate

1 Slush startup ticket and hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

3rd place: Food Waste to Bandage

Hot desks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces.

For all teams

Additionally, all teams of Terkko Health X batch 2021 will receive 10K free Amazon Web Service cloud credits thanks to our partner AWS.

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Ideas For Reshaping Health

Researcher, entrepreneur, innovator, or basic degree student. These were the participants of Terkko Health X 2021. The year 2021 marked the third batch of an ambitious programme established back in 2019.  During the programme, the teams learned to show clear proof of concept and the path to profitability, develop a clinical validation plan and start rolling it out while actively engaging with corporate partners.

Want to know more?

To learn more about the programme and the previous batches, check out the pages and the blogs from the previous years. In case of any questions, feel free to send them our way at

  1. Application period for Terkko Health X is 6.9.–10.10.2021. Applications are open until 23:59 on Sunday the 10th of October 2021. The teams will be interviewed between 4th–8th of October and the final decisions will be delivered to all applicants by the 8th of October.
  2. Terkko Health X is arranged fully online and it takes place between 16.10.–26.11.2021.
  3. The program’s language is English.
  4. The program is free of charge for all the participating teams. Participants will not receive any fees from the organiser.
  5. The ideas and concepts born and developed throughout the program are entirely owned by the teams themselves.
  6. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome to our programs and thus Terkko Health X has zero tolerance towards any disrespectful behavior. All participants are expected to follow this policy to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this experience.
  7. Terkko Health X starts with the Opening Weekend on Saturday 16.10. 10–18 and Sunday 17.10. 10–17. The workshops are arranged on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 17–20 twice a week with minor exceptions. Additionally, the Showcase is held on Friday the 26th of November. For further information, see the workshop timeline.
  8. To meet the requirements for participation, the team must have 2 or more members. All workshops are designed for group work and co-creation and thus, a minimum of 2 team members are required to be present in each online workshop. As a participant, your team commits to attending the workshops on the dates stated on this site. Participation also requires independent work outside of the workshops during the program.
  9. After the Terkko Health X, all participating teams have an opportunity to become members of Terkko Health Hub. The teams that become members get a longer incubation phase of 2 months during which the organiser provides the teams with support when needed.
  10. The teams are selected based on 1) potential of the concept 2) the team‘s competence to realize their concept 3) the ability to commit to attending the workshops and additionally 4) operations based in Finland is seen as a plus but not as a requirement for attending.
  11. Terkko Health Hub and Helsinki Think Company reserve the right to showcase the Terkko Health X teams and projects in events and marketing. Photographs and video material can be shot during the program, and Terkko and Think Company reserves the right to publish this material.
  12. Expert jury nominated by the organiser chooses the winners of the Semifinal and Showcase.
  13. The winning team is rewarded with 2500€ and 2 startup tickets to Slush 2021. The team that is placed 2nd is rewarded with 1 startup ticket to Slush 2021. Additionally, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams get 6 months of Terkko Memberships for free. The teams themselves take care of applying for the startup tickets, and Terkko Health Hub pays for the tickets given that Slush accepts the teams’ ticket applications.
  14. All participating teams of Terkko Health X get a 50% discount for 6 months of Terkko Membership. Additionally, all participating teams are rewarded with 5 000 AWS credits. These rewards must be reclaimed within six months after the last official day of the program, no later than the 26th of May 2022.

Made in Collaboration

Terkko Health X 2021 was organised by Terkko Health Hub and Helsinki Think Company. Helsinki Think Company, the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki, is an accomplished incubation program organiser that aims to tackle big, real-life challenges by building a vibrant community of changemakers from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

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Terkko Health X 2021 Alumni

Most of our 2021 alumni are still in stealth mode. We will add them here when they have a more prominent digital presence.

Meanwhile, take a look at our alumni from previous batches.

  • Aatos Health

    Evidence-based mental resilience coaching programs

  • Capsamedix

    Developing devices for long-term oral drug delivery

  • DentAI

    Bringing Speech Recognition to Dental Examinations

  • Fibo Labs

    AI platform for Biotech R&D, and an IT management platform for CEOs

  • Finnadvance

    Human biology replicated reliably

  • Gencyst

    Developer of an innovative bandage for treating nail fungal infections

  • HammTek

    HammTek is an AI-based device for monitoring oral health

  • Jasmine Pro logo

    Jasmine PRO

    Delivering More

  • Karis

    We embrace, and expand the use of creativity and the arts for healing and complementing mental healthcare

  • Korpi Solutions

    The 2nd best solution for resting your mind

  • Lakily

    Healthcare documentation made easy and stress-free

  • Naturested

    Improved human wellness through forest bathing

  • Sciar

    Applying AR and AI to eliminate human errors from laboratories

  • Svante

    Providing long-term patented skincare solutions through fabrics

  • Uute Scientific

    Creating a solution for life without immune mediated diseases

  • We Encourage

    AINO is an AI tool for providing psycho-social support and guidance to victims of intimate partner violence and gender-based violence

Terkko Health X 2021 Mentors

Get to know the mentors that helped our teams in 2021

Philippe Arnez

Philippe Arnez

Chief Business Officer at LS CancerDiag

Lucas Catranis

Director of Connected Health Solutions at Irdeto BV

Alex Felman

Executive Officer of Startup 42 Media

Harriet Gullstén

Harriet Gullstén

Senior Advisor, Product Manager Market Access Program to Asia at Business Finland

Saara Hassinen

Saara Hassinen

Managing Director at Healthtech Finland

Anna-Maria Henell

CEO and Co-founder of Disior

Peter Hänninen

General Counsel at Nanoform

Katja Ivanitskiy

Katja Ivanitskiy

CEO at Sartar Therapeutics

Kati Kaijasilta

Kati Kaijasilta

Business Development Director at Orion

Renne Kaseva

Renne Kaseva

Account Lead, Health & Wellbeing at Business Finland

Christian Lardot

Incubator Lead at Health Incubator Helsinki

Sandra Liede

Sandra Liede

Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Healthtech Finland

Kieron O'Connell

Kieron O’Connell

Senior Associate at Potter Clarkson

Ali Omar

MD, Angel Investor

Petri Parvinen

Professor at the University of Helsinki

Heikki Pitkänen

Heikki Pitkänen

Senior Expert, Regulations and Quality at Labquality

Arne Schlenzka

CEO and Co-founder of Osgenic

Riku Seppälä

Partner at Icebreaker

Kari Sinivuori

Kari Sinivuori

CEO and Co-founder of Uute Scientific

Sebastian Soidinsalo

Sebastian Soidinsalo

Independent Consultant

Taina Tervonen

Taina Tervonen

Head of Marketing and Sales at Attorneys-at-law Magnusson Ltd

Jani Tirronen

Jani Tirronen

CEO & Co-founder at Maculaser

Katariina Tonttila

Katariina Tonttila

Project Lead at Helsinki Think Company

Tarang Valecha

Tarang Valecha

Startup Ecosystem Development Manager at Amazon Web Services

Charlotta Weber

Charlotta Weber

UK and European Patent Attorney Trainee at Potter Clarkson

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