Terkkonians at Arctic15 – The most effective startup event in the Northern Europe

Terkko Health Hub team had a busy start of June with EBAN, Helsinki Startup Day, Arctic15, Terkko Health Accelerator Showcase, HiMSS Conference and our own side events. We had a great opportunity to meet interesting people whom we can help or collaborate with in the future.

On 5–6 June, we attended Arctic15, a dream-come-true event if you want to connect to the key people in the Nordic startup scene. As a first time visitor at Arctic15, I was not sure what to expect, but it turned out that the slogan “the most effective startup event in the Northern Europe” couldn’t have been more true!

During the two-day event, we had one-on-one meetings with easily more than 50 people. This was mostly due to the Deal Room Events platform that enabled booking meetings with other participants already before the event. This gave us a chance for an effective and time-efficient networking during the event. On top of the pre-arranged meetings, we had plenty of entrepreneurs, investors and other ecosystem actors coming up to talk to us at our stand. What a success!

Even though conferences like Arctic15 can be very fruitful, it pays to prepare a strategy beforehand. We made sure to send out enough invitations on average 2-3 days ahead, go through attendee profiles diligently, and make your meetings count, instead of just exchanging business cards.

As my colleague pointed out, there are times when you need to tell all about your organization, but in these kind of events, specifically when you have only a 20 minutes slot for the meeting, that’s usually not the case. A simple explanation of what it is you are looking for and what you can offer to others can be just enough to do the magic.

We brought along one of our startups, Acoustic Extra Freezing, which had only recently expanded its market to Finland. The CEO of the company Andrey Pechurin was pleased with getting the chance to attend.

“The Arctic15 event was great, we have met potential investors and got new contacts in Nordic startup ecosystems”, Andrey comments.

Overall, it was an impactful event that provided both our Terkko team and our ecosystem with new contacts and networks that will become useful in the near future.

Text: Noora Haapala, Terkko Health Hub