Crown jewel of our community is our startups. We’re not only saying this because we’re a startup hub, but also because these startups are determined to improve and save lives.

  • Acoustic Extra Freezing

    Making frozen food taste better than fresh food

  • Adamant Health

    Revolutionizing the care of Parkinson’s disease

  • Ai2Ai

    Revolutionizing the way people connect between the digital and real world by providing digital tools for well-being and rehabilitation services.

  • AistinTech

    3D perception enhanced white cane with 3d map feedback delivered in the most intuitive way

  • Aluke

    Service provider for microbiomes

  • Aplagon

    Locally acting therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases

  • Aranda Pharma

    Developing novel antiandrogens for topical treatment of acne

  • Benmo

    Your creative partner in product development

  • Cardiolyse

    Comprehensive Heart Health Analytics

  • Corle

    Demystifying Sleep Apnea

  • Creax Health

    Your Health Tech Business Guide

  • deep

    DEEP Measures Oy

    Developing Digital Measures

  • Dentcense

    A Robotic Dentistry Assistance System

  • Terkko Health Hub startup member Dermeco logo


    Sustainable wound care & hydrocolloid material innovations

  • Terkko Health Hub startup member Epiheart logo


    Cardiac Micrograft Therapy to treat ischemic scars and heart failure

  • Fepod

    Next Generation Point-of-Care Analytics

  • Finnadvance

    Human biology replicated reliably

  • Habito Health

    Motivating technology for evidence-based health promotion

  • HammTek

    HammTek is an AI-based device for monitoring oral health

  • HippocrAItes

    Reinventing the way health data is utilized

  • Terkko Health Hub startup member Kaliber Labs logo

    Kaliber Labs

    Advancing minimally invasive surgical care with AI-powered solutions

  • Kandidaattikustannus

    Medical literature & training courses, recruitment services

  • Lapsi Health

    Creating sound technology for the development of Clinical and Digital Medicine

  • Medeka

    A virtual activation solution for elderly rehabilitation and indoor exercise

  • MedicubeX

    Autonomous self-check station with vital sign measurements

  • Mediverse

    Revolutionising the way healthcare is delivered with cutting-edge technology

  • Moncyte

    A novel personalized test for optimal cholesterol-lowering therapy.


    Unlocking the medical potential of NAD metabolites

  • Neo Tao Enterprise

    VIP Wellness Plus Business Trips

  • NSII

    Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence

    Measuring and tracking device for impacts and forces acting on a head while doing sports

  • Onnikka Health

    Better weight management for all

  • Pathios Therapeutics

    Drug discovery company pursuing novel small-molecule drugs

  • Physilect

    Remote rehabilitation and rehabilitational analytics

  • Predicell

    Predicell works for better healthcare&welfare services by ecosystems, data platform, analytics and care path design

  • Probiont

    Personalized solutions for cancer immunotherapy efficacy testing

  • Terkko Health Hub startup member Rappta logo

    Rappta Therapeutics

    Focused on a New Paradigm for Fighting Cancer

  • rasyomed


    Health Information Systems

  • RemedyBytes

    A streamlined process for making the most out of Real-World Data

  • ReMinded

    Making Detection & Prevention of Internal Struggles Easier

  • Renita Medical

    Building the foundation for a personalized brain health solution

  • Rokote Laboratories Finland Oy

    Developing the Finnish COVID-19 vaccine

  • Terkko Health Hub startup member Sartar Therapeutics logo

    Sartar Therapeutics

    Revolutionizing sarcoma therapy

  • SeeTrue Technologies

    Defining Eye-Tracking Excellence

  • Seqvera

    Biomaterials Enhanced Simulation Testing

  • Silta Education

    We make you focus

  • Smart PD Solutions Ltd / Kiwecare

    Providing personalized, accurate and efficient peritoneal dialysis treatment assessment, saving patient’s time and healthcare resources

  • Tehohoitajat

    Pelastetaan terveydenhuolto

  • Tepsivo

    Value-based healthcare solutions