COVID-19 and Terkko Health X

Due to the recent events  with the novel Coronavirus and Covid-19 Terkko Health X team has come to the conclusion of postponing the program for Fall 2020. Our team is already hard at works ironing out the schedule and program for the fall with our partners and workshop mentors.

Keep following Terkko Health Hub’s social media channels for  news about the Fall program and most of all stay safe and healthy!

For Ideas Reshaping Health

Terkko Health X is an ambitious early stage accelerator program for health and life science teams with the potential to reshape the industry. You’ve got an idea – Terkko Health X provides you with the right skills and services to take that concept into the market. With solutions ranging from digital health to diagnostics and beyond, the program is open for all early-stage teams of 2+ members, from established young businesses to not-yet entrepreneurs and scientists willing develop startups. The application time is open until 5 April.

Terkko Health X will help you to:

  • Do more faster, you’ll learn a new pace of execution
  • Show clear proof of concept and the path to profitability
  • Develop a clinical validation plan and start rolling it out
  • Actively engage with corporate partners for pilot projects, market access and investment

Why Join Terkko Health X?

  • A zero cost 2-month accelerator in 4–5/2020 with weekly workshops
  • Followed by an incubation phase until SLUSH 11/2020
  • Mentoring from hand-picked content matter experts, who’ll provide hands-on support and valuable introductions
  • Expert-led workshops covering all scaling fundamentals from business model canvas to business development
  • PR and marketing support
  • 1st prize: 3 Slush startup tickets, a grant of 2500€ from Helsinki Think Company fund and hotdesks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces
  • 2nd prize: 2 Slush startup tickets and hotdesks for the team
  • 3rd prize: hotdesks for the team at Terkko Health Hub coworking spaces
  • Wide network of partners, industry experts and business contacts
  • And most importantly, the opportunity to take your concept into action

More Information

Want to know more about Terkko Health X? Check the blogs about the program here and learn more about the program: the workshops, mentors, last year’s alumni experience and why to take part in the accelerator program.  After absorbing all this information click the button below and apply for Terkko Health X 2020!

Want  to learn even more about accelerator batch 2019? Click here to learn more.

Made in Collaboration

Terkko Health X is organized in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company, the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. The accomplished accelerator program organizer aims to tackle big, real life challenges by building a vibrant community of changemakers from multidisciplinary backgrounds.


Program is enabled by:


Below is the intended schedule for spring 2020 to give you a glimpse of what is in store for Fall 2020. Terkko Health X team will update the schedule once Fall 2020 has been finalised.

Application period
Opening weekend
Founder stories and Backcasting
Business Development
Friday Funday, Networking with the community
Understanding the Customer Need
Expert Sparring Night
Communications & Marketing
Pitch Perfecting

Rules & Application

  1. Application period for Terkko Health X is 3 March to 5 April 2020, and teams selected for the program will be notified on 6 April.
  2. The program starts on 18 April and finishes on 29 May.
  3. After the accelerator program teams enter an incubation phase which spans over the Summer. During the incubation, the organiser provides the teams with support when needed.
  4. As a participant, your team commits to attend the workshops on the dates stated on this site. Participation also requires independent work outside of the workshops during the program.
  5. The teams are selected based on 1) potential of the concept 2) the team‘s competence to realize their concept and 3) the ability to commit to attending the workshops.
  6. The program’s language is English.
  7. The program is free for all participants. Participants will not receive any fees from the organiser.
  8. The ideas and concepts born and developed throughout the program are entirely owned by the teams themselves.
  9. Terkko Health Hub and Helsinki Think Company reserve the right to showcase the Terkko Health X teams and projects in events and marketing. Photographs and video material can be shot during the program, and Terkko and Think Company reserves the right to publish this material.
  10. Expert jury nominated by the organiser chooses the winners of the Semifinal and Final.
  11. The winning team receives 3 startup tickets to Slush and the 2nd best team receives 2 startup tickets. The teams themselves take care of applying for the startup tickets, and Terkko Health Hub pays for the tickets given that Slush accepts the teams’ ticket applications.

Alumni 2019


Applying AR and AI to eliminate human errors from laboratories.

Uute Scientific

Creating a solution for life without immune mediated diseases.

    Aatos Health

    Evidence-based mental resilience coaching programs.


    Developing devices for long-term oral drug delivery.

    Korpi Solutions

    The 2nd best solution for resting your mind

    Workshop Mentors

    Christian Lardot

    Senior Business Advisor at Newco

    Anna Ehrnrooth

    Partner at Kaava

    Tariq Hussain-Häkkinen

    Partner at Kaava

    Anna-Maria Henell

    CEO & Co-founder at Disior

    Petri Parvinen

    Professor at University of Helsinki

    Ekaterina Gianelli

    Partner at Inventure

    Mika Teikari

    CEO at Success Clinic

    Jarkko Nissinen

    Head of Startups at Startuplifers

    Kari Klossner

    Program Manager at Business Finland

    Sampo Sammalisto

    Program Manager at Business Finland

    Tuomas Harju

    Senior Startup Advisor at Business Finland

    Walid Cheikh

    Author of Pitching for Life

    The Crew

    Siiri Toropainen

    Project Manager

    Emmi Linnankivi

    Head of Marketing

    Maria Heinonen

    Head of Program

    Kiira Grönroos


    Rashad Ismayilzada

    Program and Collaborations

    Khalid Dool

    Program and Collaborations

    Tuuli Hongisto


    Jonas Simberg

    Visuals and Communications