Meet the team: Siiri Toropainen is our new Community Manager

In the beginning of September 2019 Terkko Team got a new Community Manager, Siiri, to cater Terkko Health Hub’s community’s needs. A bit under 3 months has passed since Siiri’s first day, and during that time she has truly had to face the Terkko Team’s initiation ritual: organizing a big scale ecosystem event. 

Let’s hear more about who Siiri is and how she has felt about taking a deep dive into the Terkko way of working.

We are curious to hear all about you. Could you sum up to us, who is Siiri Toropainen and what have you been up to before joining Terkko team?

In brief, I’m a curious health and bioscience freak who is passionate about health related questions. In addition, I consider myself as a social team player who enjoys doing sports and many kinds of outdoor activities.

For the past four years, I have been studying biomedicine at the University of Eastern Finland in the heart of Savonia as well as working with stem cell studies in academic research groups. In addition, previously volunteering in startup events has inspired me to start exploring the newest life science innovations and startup scene.

Outside the professional world, what inspires you and why? 

At the moment I get inspired by sports. Recently, I’ve tried some new activities and it has been a good way to improve myself and try out my limits. Also failures can be inspiring if you just don’t take things too seriously.

How have the first 3 months as Community Manager been like?

First months at Terkko have been super inspiring and instructive. I’ve met so many interesting and skillful people and had the chance to take part in really intriguing events. Every day in this job is different and full of surprising situations, luckily good ones mostly.

What are your thoughts regarding the months to come? What would you like to achieve as a Community Manager?

My aim is to be supportive and productive manager, who is easy to approach and always ready to help. This kind of a community, like Terkko, is full of potential and opportunities. I’m going to do my best to help our members to succeed and to promote the growth of our community.

The final question is a goofy one – be prepared! Do you have a hidden talent? Or even better, what is the most useless talent you have?

Being quite short, I have learned some very creative tricks to reach things in higher places. I suppose I’m better than average at climbing and jumping. Don’t know if that’s a talent really but at least it’s a really helpful skill for me.

Welcome Siiri to the team, we are so happy to have you!