Some of the members of our community have moved on towards new adventures, new challenges and new homes. Get to know them too!

  • Aallto Wellness

    Best technology for staff wellbeing.

  • Aatos Health

    Evidence-based mental resilience coaching programs.

  • AMA-med

    Leading manufacturer of Helicobacter pylori diagnostic tools.

  • Amplaffy

    Matching aggregator & career empowerment.

  • Babywink

    A sleep training program designed for your baby.

  • Caleidocons

    Neuroreactivity profiling and coaching.

  • Capsamedix

    Developing devices for long-term oral drug delivery.

  • Code Pilot

    Resuscitation for cardiac arrest victims.

  • Cryon

    Cryofacilities and cryotreatment protocols.

  • Dante Labs

    Genetic testing and specialization in whole genome sequencing.

  • Disior

    Clinical diagnostics software

  • eGOOD

    Designs and develops healthcare devices and services.

  • Fibo Labs

    AI platform for Biotech R&D, and an IT management platform for CEOs.

  • FIMM

    The Genomic Risk Platform research team.

  • Golden Rainbow

    Sport services and stress management.

  • Healthzilla

    Solution to gather and analyse stress and habit data at scale.

  • Kromnigon

    Advanced multicolor microscopy

  • Megical

    Automatic surgery care protocols for hospitals.

  • Memocate Oy

    Memocate is developing training services for dementia care.

  • Nordic Genex

    DNA-test based individual health & lifestyle consultation.

  • Osgenic

    VR-based solutions to improve patient safety.

  • PetBiomics

    Clinically available metabolomics testing platform for dogs.

  • Sciar

    Applying AR and AI to eliminate human errors from laboratories

  • Scitribe

    Science & technology communication consulting

  • Soenia

    World's first medical grade epilepsy application.

  • Sunbee Wellness Tourism

    Specialized wellness tours.

  • Teqmine

    AI platform for patent and technology analysis.

  • Vulcam

    Instant feedback on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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