The Hub


Crown jewel of our community is our startups. We’re not only saying this because we’re a startup hub, but also because these startups are determined to improve and save lives.


Our partners support us with their professional expertise, bring corporate and global dimension to our hub. We are also happy to help them with our entrepreneurial community.

In-house Actors

We love all enthusiast alike. In addition to the community startups our ecosystem is broadened by these actors of science, impact and innovation located in Terkko.


Progress is made together. Here are some of our collaborators, supporters and fellow impact seekers in the field of health and life sciences that we regularly organize events or provide services with.


Some of the members of our community have moved on towards new adventures, new challenges and new homes. Get to know them too!

Founders & Enablers

Every great initiative starts with a great vision. These actors have foreseen the need for an entity like Terkko and put their heads together to make it happen.

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, is to conduct high-quality research and provide research-based undergraduate and postgraduate education in medicine and dentistry. The Faculty educates health care specialists, including physicians, dentists, psychologists and speech therapists as well as Master’s degree holders in translational medicine.

HiLIFE – Helsinki Institute of Life Science supports high quality life science research across the University campuses and faculties. HiLIFE builds on existing strengths and new recruits and partnerships to create an attractive international environment for researchers to solve grand challenges in health, food, and environment.

HUS – Helsinki University Hospital offers specialized medical care based on high-level clinical medical research. It is a Joint Authority formed by 24 municipalities aiming to offer patients timely and equal access to specialized medical care. HUS Testbed offers an authentic hospital testing environment for health technology companies.