Community Events

We arrange many recurring in-house events and other happenings each month exclusively for our community. Apply for a membership to get access to all of them!

Upcoming Community Events

Community events are open exclusively to our members. Occasionally we might invite our friends such as alumni members to these gatherings to widen our community’s networks.

Apply for a Membership Past Events

28.8 Community Get-Together: Opening the Season

Opening the season with our community.

10.09 - Terkko Workshop with Potter Clarkson

Welcome to ask your questions in IP, patents, trade marks, design rights, IP litigation, and licensing.

1.10 Investor Meetup with Innovestor

Innovestor Life Science a Finnish venture capital fund that invests in health and life science innovations and helps them reach international markets.

October - Terkko Workshop with EstiMates

EstiMates bridge science and data and to provide a wide angle to all data related questions.

November - Terkko Workshop with Polar Hedgehog

Polar Hedgehog specializes in design for early-stage tech startups.

13.12 Community Get-Together: Christmas Party

Let's celebrate the upcoming Christmas together with the community.

Regular Community Events

This is an overview of our regular community events; check the section above to see what events are coming up next. Remember to apply for our membership if you’d like to participate.

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Community Get-Togethers

Community Get-Togethers are our regular events that we arrange to kick off and close spring and fall seasons together with our community. The goal is to bring our members together and to give them an opportunity to get to know one another and broaden their networks. Our new members have an opportunity to introduce themselves, while the leaving members can bid farewell. Whenever there are good opportunities, we arrange additional Community Get-Togethers in between, so there’s always something to wait for!

CxO Meetups

CxO Meetups are our own C-level peer-learning event series. In each event, we have a specific theme and selected speakers from our community companies discuss the given theme. Our members are encouraged to share their experiences, tips, hurdles they have encountered, and networks with one another. Such peer support is essential in business development since a founder’s journey is a particularly difficult and lonely one. To support this, the event is arranged under Chatham House Rule.

Terkko Health Hub members at CEO Meetup

Investor Meetups

Investor Meetups are our newest event series where we collaborate with investors to actively facilitate connections between investors and our members. In the Investor Meetups, our members can e.g. learn more about different funding opportunities, deepen their knowledge of how to prepare for investor meetings, and how to improve their pitches. The events of this series can be anything from match-making events, training, seminars, workshops and anything in between.

Are you an investor who’d like to collaborate with us? Get in touch with our team at, and tell us what you have in mind!

Terkko Workshops

Terkko Workshops are our regular events where we invite our partners and other experts to hold a training, seminar or a workshop with our community. Our members have an opportunity to hear relevant information and learn about different topics while widening their network. The themes of the workshops cover many topics and vary depending on the expertise of each expert.

Would you like to meet our members while hosting a workshop or giving a talk about a certain topic? Get in touch with our team at, and tell us what you have in mind!

Delegation Visits

At Terkko Health Hub, we host and co-host many delegation visits focusing on providing various growth opportunities for our startups. By participating in such delegation visits, our startups have the opportunity to learn about potential collaborations with tech professionals, investors, trade officials, potential customers, etc from other countries. Such visits are also a great occasion for the delegation to get to know our health and life science startup members and their innovations.

Would you like to arrange a delegation visit to Terkko Health Hub? Get in touch with our team at, and tell us what you have in mind!