Terkko Health X is finally here – check out the experts who will be coaching the teams this fall!

Terkko Health X is an ambitious early stage accelerator program for health and life science teams with the potential to reshape the industry. If you’ve got an idea, Terkko Health X will help you take it into the market by providing you with the right skills and services. The 6-week program consists of workshops that are arranged twice a week focusing on a variety of topics that are crucial for developing a business in the health industry, such as sales & marketing, funding, pitching and regulations. Each workshop will be held by content matter experts that help you tackle these issues.

Terkko Health X will be arranged for the second time this fall. Take a peek at the workshop leaders that will help you succeed (keep in mind, here are just some of them – there are more to come!):

Walid Cheikh

Author of Pitching for Life

Pitching is a part of life in any startup. Luckily we have Walid to help out the chosen teams to achieve their goals through pitching! Walid has tons of experience with coaching different people in pitching. He started out with startup founders and executives but has since then been coaching a big variety of people including students, managers, artists, designers, engineers, PhD researchers, job seekers, Ambassadors and government officials and others. Walid’s workshops combine approaches form entrepreneurship, design, storytelling, networking, acting, improvisation, public speaking and psychology. According to him “[pitching] is like swimming, once you are no longer afraid of drowning, you are closer to floating than you were ever before”.

Anna-Maria Henell

CEO and Co-Founder of Disior

Anna-Maria drives innovation and co-creation with clinicians and medical researchers. Founded in 2016, Disior develops a novel way to analyze and model bone fractures and soft tissue for diagnostics, pre-operative planning and treatment optimization. The company brings together clinical needs and product development experience from orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery and latest modelling technology. Anna-Maria can help you by giving information on company creation, fund raising, hospital co-operation and industrial partnering.

Ekaterina Gianelli

Partner at Inventure

Ekaterina works mainly with digital health, consumer, and enterprise software companies and is currently a partner at Inventure, a Nordic venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology startups. Previously, Ekaterina has been part of the team scaling Fjord, the design & innovation consultancy (acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2013). Ekaterina’s passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed. As an active community builder, she has been contributing to multiple initiatives strengthening the Nordic tech ecosystem. Drawing on her experiences, Ekaterina actively bridges the gap between design, business, and technology.

Alex Felman

Co-Founder and Executive Officer of Startup 42 Media

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with a background in Molecular Toxicology and Bioentrepreneurship. He has gathered a comprehensive set of skills and knowhow from being involved in numerous early-stage companies, being a general partner at Venture Labs (an early stage venture/incubator fund), spending a good number of years working for the Korean government, and from training corporate clients such as Nokia, Visa and Unilever in communications. Alex is an expert in helping companies with business plan creation, product development, operations, successful market launches, and fundraising. In Terkko Health X he’s going to share some of his insightful experiences with the early-stage teams.

Petri Parvinen

Professor, University of Helsinki

Petri is an energetic, analytical, somewhat amusing and sometimes ruthless growth expert. His research deals with the commercialization of scientific and technological innovations and accelerating growth. An investor and entrepreneur himself, Petri aims to help you in practical sales and marketing issues in a clever way.

Do you have a business idea you’d like to develop with the help of these experts? Read more about Terkko Health X and apply here to turn your idea into action! Applications are open until October 18th.