Terkko Reaches A New Milestone!

Terkko Health Hub’s mission is to promote a new form of collaboration between research, healthcare and entrepreneurship and offer a helping hand to make our startups – Terkkonians – grow and flourish. 

2022 was exciting as our startup community flourished and exceeded our goal by growing 30 percent. We broke the threshold of 60 simultaneous member companies for the first time. Meanwhile, we also bid farewell to some of our old members. 

The overarching theme in 2022 was to jumpstart innovation and startup incubation activities in the other University of Helsinki campuses following Meilahti’s footsteps. We are delighted by this change in the strategy and direction of the university ecosystem and continue to develop and support the whole ecosystem through our activities.



  • 57 startup member companies.
  • 57 Alumni startups.
  • 154 Active Startup Members  and 193 Alumni startup members.
  • Total funding acquired – €90 M.
  • Our members are from the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Applied Sciences, HiLIFE, and many from abroad and other diverse backgrounds. 
  • Our startups are in different funding stages: 27.1% Bootstrapping, 10.4% Pre-seed, 20.8% Seed, 18.8% Late seed, 10.4% Series A, 10.4% Series B,6.3% Series C and beyond. 



  • MedicubeX confirmed that they will start a clinical pilot with the City of Helsinki. Pilot will start in March 2023 and MedicubeX stations will be used in Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre. 
  • Health Proof Helsinki testing services were launched to support healthtech and medtech companies including startups. Our stakeholder HUS is part of the initiative. 
  • Veil.AI was selected as one of three international companies to join BioInnovation Institute Foundation programme and received considerable funding with it from Novo Nordisk Foundation. 
  • LS CancerDiag obtained ISO Certification for its Quality Management System. 
  • FINBB partnered up with Novartis to advance medical research in Finland. 
  • Uute Scientific was granted a patent for their microbial extract in the US. 
  • NADMED bloodkit received a CE mark.

Read our complete annual report HERE!