Crown jewel of our community is our startups. We’re not only saying this because we’re a startup hub, but also because these startups are determined to improve and save lives.

  • AEF

    Making frozen food taste better than fresh food

  • AEF Health

    Smart solutions for a cleaner and healthier world.

  • AINOVA MedTech

    AI-Driven Vascular Analysis

  • Artific Intelligence

    Machine learning programming and consulting.

  • Curify

    Personalized Medicine For Pet Lovers

  • EpiHeart

    Cardiac Micrograft Therapy to treat ischemic scars and heart failure.

  • Evergreen Walls

    Grow fresh and healthy food year-round.


    The Finnish Biobank Cooperative.

  • Finn’EM

    Better training of the Emergency Medicine residents in Finland.

  • Finnadvance

    Microtechnology and 3D biology solution company.

  • Habito Health

    Motivating technology for evidence-based health promotion.

  • Kandidaattikustannus

    Medical literature & training courses, recruitment services.

  • LS CancerDiag

    Detecting Lynch Syndrome - preventing cancer.

  • Maculaser

    Temperature controlled laser therapy

  • MedicubeX

    Autonomous self-check station with vital sign measurements

  • Medified

    Treatment monitoring software.

  • Monidor

    Accurate intravenous therapy for patients.

  • MVision AI

    Artificial intelligence in medical imaging.

  • Negen

    Personalized and preventive technology against chronic diseases.

  • Neutron Therapeutics

    Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)

  • NSII

    Tools to measure physical forces while doing sports

  • Pathios Therapeutics

    Drug discovery company pursuing novel small-molecule drugs.

  • Phonolyser

    A smart heart analyzer to help pediatricians and healthcare staff

  • Physilect

    Remote rehabilitation and rehabilitational analytics.

  • Rappta Therapeutics

    Focused on a New Paradigm for Fighting Cancer

  • Renita Medical

    Building the foundation for a personalized brain health solution.

  • Robomed

    Endoscopy and biopsy capsule robot.

  • Sartar Therapeutics

    Revolutionizing sarcoma therapy.

  • SCellex

    Novel single cell technological innovations.

  • Seqvera

    Biomaterials Enhanced Simulation Testing

  • Sonderia

    The convenient way to keep hands clean in public

  • Sygeny

    Global digital health analytics and solutions.

  • Tilt Biotherapeutics

    Cancer treatment using oncolytic immunotherapy.

  • Uute Scientific

    Creating a solution for life without immune mediated diseases.


    VEIL.AI is a spin-off from FIMM that provides high quality health data.

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