18 workshops to take your business from ideas to action –all this at Terkko Health Accelerator

Spring 2019 is inspiring to Terkko Health Hub, as Terkko Health X – Accelerator for ideas reshaping healthcare will take over. The participants will get heaps of valuable information on how to build a business, that can truly make an impact. The 18 workshops are led by top notch content matter experts from investors to lawyers, branding gurus, professors, successful startup founders etc. We’re going to give you a peek at the themes of our workshops, but keep an eye for the future – names will be announced soon…

Starting weekend: An intensive two-day workshop to start the journey with a deep dive into your concept.

Success Stories & Backcasting: Learn from the best and reflect – stories behind the most aspiring Finnish health startups.

Business Development: It’s time to dig a little deeper. Build your business strategy.

Funding: Get to know where and how to find funding. From business angels to VCs – what kind of funding instruments there are?

Understanding the Customer Need: Learn how to find and identify your customers’ need and plan your concept around it.

Friday Funday: Nothing serious this time. This is the day to network, get together and meet other like-minded people.

Pitching: A pitch can be so much more than an elevator speech or a showcase performance on the stage. Engage your whole team into using pitching as a comprehensive tool.

Sales: This time you’ll build your sales strategy. Learn about how to sell your product in a way that reaches and convinces your audience.

Program Mentor Sparring Night: Meet the program mentors and take lessons from their expertise. Improve your startup with their help and shine at Semifinals.

Semifinal: Take the stage and present your idea. Best teams get to continue their Terkko Health Accelerator journey.

Communications and Branding: Get concrete tools for creating a recognizable, unique visual identity and appealing storyline that engages people, fits your purpose and communicates your brand story.

Expert Sparring Night: Pitch for a group of top notch content matter experts and get personal sparring for your team from them.

Internationalisation: Think beyond Finland: when entering international markets, what should be taken into account?

Regulations: Deep dive into the regulatory aspects of the health industry.

Legal Advice: IPR, SHA, exit plan? Learn how to protect your product and form a shareholder agreement in this workshop to legal matters around an early-stage company.

Executing Pilots & Finding Partners: Learn how to plan and execute rapid and agile experiments and where to find piloting partners.

Perfecting the Pitch: Make your pitch perfect with the best coaches.

Showcase: Step up on stage and pitch in front of the jury. And don’t forget the audience – you never know who’s sitting in the crowd looking for the next idea that can reshape healthcare as we know it.

Next steps: Intensive phase is over. Get together with the other teams and Terkko Health Accelerator crew one more time. Let’s plan together the next steps plan as well as your hopes and needs for incubation.

Take your ideas into action and apply to Terkko Health Accelerator before 8 April.