Biodata as the base for better leadership — meet Terkko-based startup Caleidocons

“We are inspired integrating neuroscience and new technology with team coaching. As professional coaches, we co-create high trust and high performance teams.”

Our Meet the Terkko Community -series continues with the ever so inspiring Caleidocons. Their dynamic team brings a ton of experience, analytical thinking and enthusiasm under Terkko’s roof. Many of us hardly think about our neurochemistry when it comes to everyday interactional situations — unlike these professional coaches, credentialled by the global coaching organisation ICF. Let’s get to know them a little better.

In a nutshell, what does your startup do?

“Caleidocons makes positive difference in leadership development. Future leadership is about teams. We take the flying start to leadership team development with biodata induced from two different types of stress: from acute stress reaction and chronic stress monitored by wearables. For example, the acute stress reactions reveal one’s decision making process as well as behaviour style led by the unconscious brain.

Team coaching with brain-friendly methods impacts! We bring our clients where they desire to find themselves.”

Anjariitta Savolainen, Caleidocons

Why neuroscience and stress as a catalyzer for leadership development?

“If you are not working with the brain, you’re working against it. Evidently, you are not succeeding in your change activities. And change is the new norm of every business.”

We’d love to know, who are the people working in Caleidocons?

“Caleidocons team comprises of founding partners Päivi and Anjariitta, our part-time sales superwoman Liisa, our professional coaches partners, and our trusted research and technology providers.”

What are you excited about today?

“Brain news are pop! At the moment we are excited about the high increase of news and articles focusing on the links between stress and brain in the media. It is increasing brain understanding — this is the momentum for us!”

What has been the best moment in Caleidocons’ journey?

“We look back to 2018 and the first international conference speaking where we shared our leadership team coaching approach to our global colleagues in Amsterdam. It is most definitely among the most amazing moment in our journey for so far. ‘More from these ladies’, was the feedback.”

Päivi Äijälä, Caleidocons

What about the most challenging?

“The most challenging moment then; the online pitching in front of young Chinese investors, also in April 2018. At that time we were part of the Chinese incubator Techcode. It was evident, that they did not understand a thing and weren’t interested in leadership issues. Our learning was that don’t waste your time and energy if the audience fades away. ‘Stop, bring them on board, or forget it’.”

That’s a great lesson. Any other advice for an aspiring entrepreneur?

“As an startup entrepreneur dare to dream. Share your dream, say it aloud. Dreams tend to come true.”

Finally, we’d love to hear something of you that we have no idea about.

“We have met in a conference, sat side by side, and had a lunch together. Two years later we accidently attended the same strategy workshop as potential partners for that organisation. 10 months from that Caleidocons was established!”