Disior’s Journey at Terkko

“When you work with Medical Doctors, they always prioritize patients, and that’s how it should be. So, if you have a meeting with them, you will have to wait until the surgery ends – whether it is an hour or three.”, says Anna-Maria Henell, Disior CEO. “Being based in Terkko Health Hub, located in the middle of the Meilahti hospital campus, is the key for us to be able to do that.”

Disior was one of the first companies to move in, when the renovation work was finished last fall. The renovation transformed the old medical library into a health hub that has the same goals as the innovation campuses of Harvard and MIT – to bring together students, clinicians, researchers and companies to foster collaboration and development of new ideas.

“For real innovation to happen, you can’t really sit alone in a garage. In med-tech, you need to bring together the people who can tell you where the clinical needs are, and the people who can figure out a solution for them.”, says Anna-Maria. “Our work at Disior combines several disciplines – engineering, mathematics, medicine and biomechanics. That way, we have the technological building blocks and the people, who can say what they need us to build.”

Disior develops a completely new solution to analyze and model bone fractures and soft tissues in medical images. The technology works with all 3D imaging formats – both CT and MRI. The software brings one-click measuring tools, automated volumetric measuring, and computational structure mechanics analysis to everyday clinical use.

This product’s application areas include both bone fractures and soft tissue analysis. The software can be used to track tissue damage, structural and volumetric changes for diagnostics, treatment planning and pre-operative planning as well as rehabilitation.

“Our R&D is based on the cooperation and pilot projects with university hospitals, like HYKS/HUCH and OYS, combining medical research, clinical validation and the ongoing dialogue with the clinicians.”, Anna-Maria says. “In Terkko, it is easy for us to reach everyone from the head and neck centers in Meilahti, to hand surgeons and orthopedists in Töölö – all within a walking distance.”

Life in Terkko has an element of surprise to it, too. “On office days, when you walk across the open space and the lounge, anything can happen. We have met Risto Renkonen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Archiatre Risto Pelkonen, press delegations from abroad and medical students looking for a summer internship.”, says Anna-Maria.

“And of course, you have the startup community. The team spirit and the openness to help one another. Whether it is networking, sharing experiences, or asking for advice, you can count on your fellow Terkko people.”


Laura Lehmusto, Disior