The teams began their accelerator journey last weekend with a two-day kickoff. In this kickoff the teams got cracking with the problems and solutions they are dealing with. In addition to that, the teams got to know each other as well as the Terkko Health Accelerator crew.

“The workshop made you really work on the important matters.”

During the weekend we got to hear intriguing ideas. “How can we prevent immune-mediated illnesses, such as allergies and hypersensitivity?” and  “What about tooth decay? Despite the teeth brushing, we still tend to have it.” These are some of the problems our Terkko Health Accelerator 2019 teams have solutions. The teams’ solutions range from augmented reality to legal advice and wellbeing.

Keep on reading to find out just what the solutions of the teams actually are.


We at Capsamedix will revolutionize oral drug delivery. Our concept is a tooth-attachable delivery device with tunable release rate from few minutes to even months and a multi-drug/compound capability. It allows a new, prolonged way to administer active ingredients, both systemically and locally in oral cavity. We are aiming for a new standard in drug delivery, improving therapy efficacy and patient compliance.

Uute Scientific

A world without immune-mediated diseases! Reduce the risk for yourself and your loved ones of having to deal with asthma, allergies, diabetes or similar. Get your daily goods with the Uute Scientific ingredient in it, and your immune system continues to work correctly. First commercial consumer products are already in sight. We are looking for more consumer product companies to join the ecosystem.


SciAR develops an augmented reality application for bioscientific laboratory environments with some help from machine learning and IoT. We mitigate human errors in lab work which currently are costing astronomical figures each year and holding back scientific process in biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Our product removes any manual documentation and therefore can boost productivity vastly, while making the work more enjoyable for the user.

Lakily – Preventive Legal Care

Lakily aims to make legal services more accessible and affordable to the general public by utilizing technology, new distribution channels and legal design. Lakily’s project Preventive Legal Care focuses on creating new distribution channels for the preventive legal documents each adult should have in case of a sudden illness. Lakily consists of two lawyers, Antti and Dina, as well as the robot lawyer, RePeter.

Korpi ForRest

Our mission at Korpi ForRest is to help people working in the knowledge intensive sector to cope better with their stressful working environment by providing a science-based e-mental health solution utilizing the stress reducing effects of the forest. We are a diverse team of experts looking for another co-founder (psychology) with a passion to help people find peace of mind and thrive in their work.

Aatos Health

Stressed university students do not find the current stress management solutions compelling. Aatos Health gives immediate access to only the most relevant content and stress management exercises, based on individual needs and stress levels. We’ll provide you the ability to manage your stress, instead of stress managing you.

The Coaters

Our team’s idea is to develop a material that will serve as a barrier between your teeth and mouth bacteria to avoid tooth decay. The value we bring to the customers is improved oral health and freedom to smile with fewer costs and efforts. We are a bunch of technical people who specialize in nanomaterials research and development and our goal is to keep your own teeth forever.

Breathe Green

The urban life has gotten us working long hours with stressful minds. Spending more time in the nature could save us from many diseases. By a guided journey with us through forest, we want people to realize the importance of nature in their everyday life, and how it can affect their wellbeing. Benefits can be measured already after one session: lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, a calm, focused, and happier mind.

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