Meet our brand new Community Manager Noora Haapala

Normally, we don’t like to brag, but with this one we just might have to. We made an awesome recruit: our new Community Manager is Noora Haapala will bring tons of know-how and enthusiastic energy under Terkko Health Hub’s roof.

But now, let’s get to know Noora.

Who are you, Noora Haapala?

I am a life science enthusiast with a passion for solving health related problems. My earliest  career goal was to “save the world” and this naive thought led me to studying biomedicine, the science behind understanding diseases and developing new therapeutic mechanisms.

What have you been up to before Terkko?

I have a background of working with translational cancer research in an academic research group. Recently I have dived into bioentrepreneurship while studying abroad in Stockholm and being involved with life science related idea projects. Today, I study the master’s programme in translation medicine and will be attending in a global synthetic biology project competition (iGEM) this year.

As our Community Manager, what are you looking forward the most?

I am looking forward to having a close look at newest life science innovations and getting to know the community: familiarizing with the startups in the house and meeting all members of the community.

I am excited about utilizing my know-how about life sciences and research and combining it with certain creativity for developing a vibrant and motivated community. In addition, I am thrilled about this job because of the broad range of personal developing possibilities it has to offer!

What inspires you?

I get inspired by visionary minded people who have the courage and the motivation to make a difference in the world. These kind of people motivate me to also do the same and work towards my own personal goals.

Tell us something that we most likely do not know about you?

I grew up with 4 siblings – four out of five of us have a very little age difference. Also, add a dog and friends to the equation. You can imagine that this was a somewhat loud and chaotic, however loving, environment to grow up in.

According to her own words, you can spot Noora at Terkko in pink, black and white.

“My favourite colour has always been pink and I am pretty sure it always will be too. This can be noticed when looking inside my wardrobe, where basically the only three colours that can be spotted are black, white and pink.”

Welcome Noora, we’re so happy to have you a part of our team.