Terkko Mugshots – presenting Philippe Arnez from LS Cancer

Terkko Health Hub has a vibrant work community, with its own jokes, routines, quirks and humour. To be honest, we love the atmosphere in here so much, that we want to share it with everyone – so that each reader, follower and friend of Terkko can be a part of Terkko community just as much as our own Terkkonians. 

Like at many offices, most of Terkkonians have their own mugs, that bring them joy and comfort during the work days. Our go-to mugs tell an awful lot about us, don’t you think? That’s why we decided to take our community members through a very serious interview, where we asked questions about their mugs. While doing that, they ended up sharing something about themselves as well as their companies. Keep on reading, this is Terkko Mugshots. (Warning: The text may contain silly jokes, goofy pictures and bad puns.)

The first one to share his thoughts on the mug, that sparks him joy, is Philippe Arnez, the CBO of LS Cancer

What does your mug tell about your personality?

I understand the love–hate relationship between Finland and Sweden. I’m from Switzerland, and I can relate to the notion of having big neighbours tease the smaller one…

If your business was a mug, what type of a mug would it be?

An ultra sophisticated mug anticipating your need for coffee in mint green, the colors of our brand.

What gets you going in the morning?

Regular coffee with milk, if time allows I’ll make myself a nice cappuccino… still saving for the dream machine though. Without any coffee, you might find me a bit tense.

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently coordinating with different hospitals in Europe to pilot our innovative diagnostic test. Right now, I’m busy writing up an application for EU funding.

What’s your favourite thing about Terkko?

The best thing is of course the great community. The workspace is also really nice and the surroundings are pretty cool.

LS CancerDiag is committed to reducing cancer mortality with a simple and accurate diagnostic method that detects the most common inherited cancer predisposition: Lynch syndrome. With our innovation this can be done prior to cancer and enables preventive and personalized care. 

Lynch syndrome is the main cause of hereditary colorectal cancers, but it is also linked to endometrial cancer and various other types of tumors. Despite its high prevalence in the world’s population the current diagnosis rates are very low and we want to change that! The company mission is to save lives through early detection of Lynch syndrome.


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