Wonder about the purpose of an accelerator? Don’t trouble your head, read and learn.

Health and life sciences startups are inspiring: as the reshapers of wellbeing, they have a true entitlement for existence. Whether they are working with primary healthcare, diagnostics or pharma, their impact touches us all. 

However, to actually make a significant change, create more wellbeing to us and answer to the challenges in healthcare, we need to rethink the whole industry. Where can we find new ideas that will push the industry forward and how could we make today’s healthcare more sustainable? Not every single one of us dares to explore new horizons, experiment or take risks — and that’s why we’re looking for the mavericks that have the courage to reshape healthcare as we know it.

This spring’s Terkko Health Accelerator will take the early-stage teams for a 9 week expedition. They’ll get tons of valuable information and a flying start to their businesses journey. Our startupers might be the content matter experts in their own fields, but we, our mentors and workshop leaders will share our wisdoms on the mysteries of the entrepreneurial world.

Giving the spotlight to the workshop leaders and mentors

We’re happy to give you a sneak peek of the mentors and workshop leaders, who will share their expertise and guide the teams’ way. Remember, that here are just some of the content matter experts — there are more to come!

Program mentors will guide and advise you during the whole accelerator expedition. You can contact and consult them with any challenges you face during the program. Let’s get familiar with our mentors:

Virpi Muhonen, PhD, CEO, Co-founder at Askel Healthcare Oy

“I’m a cell therapy scientist who ended up running her own business. I’m an advocate for academic entrepreneurship, with extra love towards the medical field. I have gained experience in leading and funding business-focused research projects and research-focused business: from TUTL-projects to equity-based crowdfunding.

I’m happy to lend my experience and tell all the mistakes I have made during our road from academia to business!”


Christian Lardot, Senior Business Advisor at NewCo Helsinki

“I have specialized in the health, wellbeing, life sciences and functional food sectors. Prior to my current position, I have worked in various manager position in the life science and med tech sector in Finland and USA, as well as worked in medtech and consumer products startups.

I will bring value to the teams in evaluating their ideas, go through the challenges they will face in the marketplace as well as advice on the go-to-market strategy and positioning of their products or services”.


Henri Virta, CFO at Megical Oy, Chairman at Do Company Oy

“I have worked at a clinical pathway safety management company Megical since 2016. I also have experience on financial planning and raising funding from public and private sources for a growth company  – as well as company building and key account management of hospitals in the health sector.  I can help the Terkko Health X teams with crystallizing their business ideas, making initial financial calculations and also giving advice on the next concrete steps for the teams”.




Ali Omar, MD & Angel Investor

“I am a Finnish-born, multifaceted, technology enthusiast. To Terkko Health Accelerator, I’ll add a uniquely blended background of a medical doctor, a private investor and an entrepreneur who has co-founded, led and successfully exited a Finnish healthcare service company with yearly revenue ca. 100 million euros.

I have experience navigating regulated markets and will apply my diverse background and skills to mentor. As an experienced and growth-minded entrepreneur I will be supporting portfolio companies’ scaling, organization building and market communication”.


Terkko Health Accelerator’s workshop leaders offer you their content matter expertise on one themed workshop at a time. Utilise their expertise to get the best tools for pushing your concept even further. Here are some of our workshop leaders:

Arne Schlenzka, CEO & Co-founder at Osgenic.

“I’m a medical doctor and surgeon-in-training. I can help by giving insight into medical doctors daily routines and evaluate how solutions fit into those routines.

I can also connect people with relevant medical doctors from different subspecialties. In addition I can give a realistic idea of medical doctors mindset”.


Tuomas Harju, Senior Advisor, Startups, Health &Wellness at Business Finland

At Business Finland my job is to evaluate and assist health and wellness sector startups pursuing rapid international growth.

Prior to joining Business Finland I have 10 years of experience in various activities related to the commercialization of diagnostic services and products, e.g. business development, marketing, sales. I can offer assistance with for example funding and overall business plan.”


Marcello van Rossum, Senior Business Advisor at Helsinki Business Hub

“With my background of more than 25 years of international business and a medical education, I have helped many companies to expand and improve their business. I have helped small companies with building up distributor networks but also worked as Director of Business Development and Vice President Sourcing for a Multinational company.

I have been involved in B2B but also in B2C business cases as a Senior Business Advisor and Consultant. That’s why I am here to help your company to successfully internationalize your business.”



An impressive list, don’t you think? No need to wait any longer as the application time ends on 8 April. Take your idea, gather up the team and apply.