Terkkoscope – week 18

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the amount of online content even further. News, webinars and online events are bubbling from all sources. Much needed tips on how to live with the situation are pouring in from various channels. A channel to share interesting links and tips was initiated by our in-house community in Terkko Health Hub. To provide this information also to people outside our group of Terkkonians, we have now picked a few that we consider the most relevant, interesting, or thought-provoking.


Due to the current situation, events are now conveniently relocated to the internet. We have picked a couple of events in which you can take part comfortably from your own couch or standing desk.

Think Tuesday: AI & Big data | 28.4.

Think Tuesday event banner

Helsinki Think Company brings together a group of experts to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and

the societal implications of big data and AI algorithms. Join the panel discussion via Zoom, or watch the video afterwards. 

The panel discussion is held on April 28th starting at 5 pm, but interesting content will pop up beforehand. Short keynote speeches from the guest speakers will be posted during the days leading up to the main event.


Everything is not cancelled! There are many high-quality opportunities such as accelerators, programs, not to mention funding opportunities available for ideas and solutions. Just to name a few good ones:

Kiuas accelerator logoKiuas Accelerator  

Kiuas Accelerator is again open for applications. It is a great opportunity for an early-stage startup with goals to find a product-market-fit, to get one-on-one mentoring, peer support and all kinds of perks. To no one’s surprise, the accelerator is organised fully virtually. The deadline for applications is the 20th of May.




Global Health Security and Pandemic Challenge 

MIT Solve challenge is in search of tech innovations to slow down and track the spreading of an emerging virus outbreak. Treating the outbreaks reactively is not the optimal solution and the scope of the challenge is therefore also wide. They are also seeking out solutions towards preventative actions. Fill out your application before June 18th.

AI-ROBOTICS vs COVID-19 initiative of the European AI Alliance

This initiative by the European Commission is an excellent opportunity to make your contribution to solving the mess we’re in. The concept of the initiative is to create an idea bank in innovations and ideas for solutions that would be accessible to all citizens, stakeholders and policymakers. Learn more about funding opportunities and different ways of contributing by clicking on the link in the title.



The current pandemic affects people’s work in many different ways. Some are busier than ever, while others face stagnation. To make the best of this difficult and unusual situation, the spare time created by COVID-19 can be utilized by educating yourself. There is a massive supply of online courses, webinars and workshops for entrepreneurs. Here are a few courses that we think you might find helpful:


Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage logo
Google offers online learning opportunities at Google Digital Garage. Most of the courses are free and enable you to learn at your own pace.



Tribe X event banner with a text "Startuo 2020. New decade, the new learning."TribeX Startup 2020 Online Series

This online series puts together inspiring keynotes from a nice bunch of startup experts. The series covers a variety of interesting topics for startups. In addition to entrepreneurs, the group of speakers includes angel investors, business psychologists and investment managers as well as other professionals.




GrowthClub event graphicsGrowthClub Peer to Peer Coaching

Have you heard of Growthclub? It is a P2P coaching platform for founders. They help founders to gain focus, improve execution and manage stress through curated weekly meetings with peers online. The first meeting is for free, so check it out!




News & Articles

From the current flood of news, we have chosen to select two to recommend:

Steps to building your crisis package when self-employed

This Yle news article gives you very practical and clear instructions on how to sort out your problems as a freelancer during a pandemic.

Commission postpones application of the Medical Devices Regulation to prioritise the fight against coronavirus

Since the member States, health institutions, economic operators and other relevant parties might have not have been in a position to ensure the proper implementation and application of the new regulation, the application is postponed by one year.