Terkkoscope – week 25

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the amount of online content even further. News, webinars and online events are bubbling from all sources. Much needed tips on how to live with the situation are pouring in from various channels. To provide this information to our readers, we have now picked a few that we consider the most relevant, interesting, or thought-provoking. Summer is upon us and we’re here with hot content.


Interestingly enough June hasn’t been overwhelming with a lot of events, only with June bugs. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to find some relevant events for you. Let’s do it chronologically, shall we?

Deploying innovation: Ensuring a successful expansion to NYC | Jun 16 09:30 in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

SOSA and Foreign Trade Commission Association are coming together to hold a webinar on expansion to NYC. SOSA is a global innovation company operating as the heart of the Tel Aviv, New York, and London tech ecosystems. During the webinar you’ll learn about the ecosystem, its analysis and even get to ask your questions. The Big Apple is waiting for you. 

Bifrost Talks by Nordic Innovation House – Silicon Valley: Webinar on term sheets! | June 18 6-7pm EEST

Another webinar from the US, but this time West Coast going wild. What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll learn about the term sheets, lawyer’s and VC’s take on terms, regional differences (Nordic vs US), etc. Don’t know what term sheets are, they you should definitely join. 

Discover how the nation of Angry Birds combats Covid-19 with digital care pathways | 24 June at 5-6pm CET

Our homies from Health Capital Helsinki are tackling a relevant topic with a high caliber jury. The showcasing startups are challenged and sparred in Health Capital Helsinki’s “Shark Tank” by Peter Vesterbacka, Pekka Kahri and Juha Paakkola. During the event you will also have the opportunity to network with the webinar hosts, the startups, and other attendees. Grinding expected. 

Startup Equity: New shareholders and ways to secure your company | June 26 10-11am UTC+02

Last but not least, our colleagues in Oslo are holding a session for startups discussing the different types of incentives for startup’s employees and co-founders; how much equity to give, when is the good timing for that, and how to secure your company while having new shareholders. Touchy and perplexing subjects no one likes to deal with, but hey, who said entrepreneurship was easy. This webinar will surely help you with those. 


Another interesting section of Terkkoscope – Opportunities. Experienced startups know that not every opportunity is a good one and even good ones don’t always come at the right time. Startups can be either too busy with other things or not at the right stage for the given opportunity. A simple rule of thumb is to first set goals for what you try to achieve and only then decide whether to go for it or not. 


EDI – European Data Incubator | June 17th

European Data Incubator (EDI) is open for 3 startups now. EID is an Innovation Action project co-funded by the European Union. The objective of EDI is to facilitate the uptake of Big Data tools whilst increasing the technical and business skills of the selected start-ups/SMEs. You’ll get up to €100K (equity free), tailored mentoring, a free cloud environment for scalable data processing and a chance to work with major corporates to solve their real data challenges. 

Bayer G4A Partnerships | June 30th

Here’s a great example of a corporate actively seeking help from startups. G4A Bayer has come up with four categories of challenges for startups to tackle: Cardiometabolic and Renal Diseases, Oncology, Women’s Health and Pharmacovigilance. This track is designed for companies in the early-mid stage with a Minimal Viable Product. Startup companies will be offered EUR 75,000 in convertible loan as well as a dedicated workspace (Berlin, DE) and mentorship from industry experts. 

Life Science Mentors 

As can be seen from the conspicuous name, LS Mentors is a network of volunteers-based life science industry experts. The network is provided by Finnish Bioindustries and established to support the Finnish life science sector. If you feel like you could benefit from mentoring or provide one, join the network and find a suitable match. 

News & Articles

What’s life without news? It’s a rhetorical question, we don’t need to answer that. What we do have to do is follow the news. Here are some important ones from the past few weeks.

Cancer treatment project – Cancer IO begins

One of the biggest developments in Finland that we would like to inform you about – Cancer IO project. It brings together a considerable amount of Finnish expertise in immunotherapy. The aim of the project is to make immunotherapy for cancer more effective and to support the introduction of these new treatments in healthcare. The total budget of the project is approximately EUR 10 million. The project is expected to bring a very significant amount of business to Finland and will strengthen the knowledge base and develop health services. 

Nordic digital health solutions for COVID-19

The ecosystem is saturated with the stories of various startups tackling Covid-19. Health Capital Helsinki has already created a handy list of some of the Finnish companies doing this. However, if you want to take a bigger look on the matter on the Nordic scale, this report is the one to read.

Fear­ful Great Danes provide new in­sights to ge­netic causes of fear 

Don’t let the buzz around COVID-19 fool you into thinking that everyone’s focus is directed only to it. Professor Hannes Lohi’s research group at the University of Helsinki has identified a new genomic region and anxiety-related candidate genes associated with fearfulness in dogs. Findings support their hypothesis that fearfulness and anxiety are hereditary traits in dogs, and there may be shared factors underlying anxiety in both humans and dogs. Hannes also happens to be the co-founder of Terkko’s community member Petbiomics